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The Zen of Transformation

The bad news about changing the world in a decade is that we have only one decade to transform the world. The good news is that we have a full decade to transform the world!

We are terrible with numbers. We don't really understand what a decade of steady activity can accomplish.

It's easy enough to calculate that doubling your reach every year is a thousand fold increase over a decade, but we rarely think that way about change and transformation, which needs exponential growth but of a kind that feels imperceptible on a day to day level.

Not the venture capital funded hyper-growth that destroys people and companies, but a steady upward tide that lifts all boats.

I call that exponential zen. Paradoxically, we might need to slow down in order to change the world quickly.

Think of it as a meditative practice that changes the world.





The EndThe End

Writing for the 1 %

I have been thinking about how to evolve this newsletter. Starting Jan 1st, Twentitude will (should? could?) become a weekly 1% meditation; 1% of a day being about ten minutes, enough time to read and digest a coherent meditation with an optional 1% time commitment everyday of the week.

The trick is consistency - can ten minutes a day change the world in ten years?

I am going to go easy the rest of the year. I won't stop sending the Twentitude newsletter, but the next three issues (i.e., December 15th, 22nd and 29th) will be in the lightweight category.