The BeginningThe Beginning

After Dystopia

I will be honest with you. The worlds I belong to have more dystopians than utopians. Climate change, authoritarianism etc mean that thoughtful people are more likely to drink a glass half empty than half full. But we can't build a better world by harping on worlds we want to avoid. How to let our imaginations guide us away from our fears?

That's the question. No answers this week though.





The EndThe End

Utopian Directions

The 20th century saw many utopias bite the dust, the communist one being the most influential of the lot. Utopias as a final state - the last shot of the movie as the cowboys ride into the horizon - are not as seductive anymore, but I think Utopian directions have never been more compelling.

A pointer only tells you where to orient yourself and has built in self-correction if the path is leading us towards danger. It has all the idealism of a regular Utopia without the massive commitment of energy and resources into choosing one particular Utopian strand over all the other possibilities. We can sniff Utopian directions and follow the trail as it meanders through the forest.

Utopias of the nose rather than Utopias of the eye. May a thousand Utopias bloom!