The BeginningThe Beginning

A New Beginning in 2021

This is the tenth issue of Twentitude, as good a time as any to announce changes in this newsletter.

In short: Twentitude will slow down in the future - slower in frequency and slower in its mood. It will be sent every other week instead of a weekly newsletter. It's also going to consciously adopt the principle of 'slow thought at fast speed,' of carefully building the capacities we need to thrive in the 2020s and to transform the world while doing so.

The question is: how?




Buddha, Socrates and Lao-Tzu

About twenty hundred years ago, influential thinkers and traditions arose independently in India, Greece and China. It's often called the Axial age. The Buddha, Socratus (or Plato) and Lao-Tzu were among the Axial age individuals whose ideas and ideals have determined the course of human history ever since.

Their idea of 'humanness' is still the template for billions.

The Axial inspiration has run its course. We have to overturn (or at least transform) the insights of the Axial age to thrive in the Anthropocene, but the only way we can do so is by returning to their ideas, meditating upon them, absorbing what we need and setting the rest aside.

Even better: we can read them together and use each one to throw light upon the other two.


The EndThe End

The goal for 2021

My goal in 2021: slow-read texts by the Buddha, Plato and Lao-Tzu (and others if necessary) and use that slow reading to shape what it means to be a thriving human being today.