The BeginningThe Beginning

Introducing Twentitude

2020 made it obvious the future won't be like the past. Perhaps people felt like this in 1914 and 1939 too. But 2020 is not 1939. We aren’t rushing into a world war (yet! 🤞🏾), but in a clever plot twist, the challenges of the future are outside the human realm. The virus doesn’t care about IPOs and stock options. Neither does climate change. Humans have to adapt to a brave new world in which they are both the prime movers 🚘 and the prime target 🎯.

What's it going to take to flourish in the coming decade - perhaps the most important in all of human history? Do we have the creativity and the wisdom to solve the wicked problems of the future?









The 1% tax: a mindfulness technique

Here's a typical guided meditation:

One method is to sit in a straight-backed chair or sit cross-legged on the floor or a cushion, close one's eyes and bring attention to either the sensations of breathing in the proximity of one's nostrils or to the movements of the abdomen when breathing in and out.

Here's a modified version of this practice. I call it the 1% tax. It should take 2 minutes each time, ten minutes/day.

  • Set an alarm for every two hours.
  • When the alarm rings, stop whatever you're doing (the obvious caveats apply - unless you're driving etc)
  • Write down a single word - the thought or emotion you were having when the alarm rang; ~ 10 seconds.
  • Scan your body and notice what you're feeling; ~ 20 seconds.
  • Sit down or stand up and bring your attention to the passing of breath on your nostrils; ~ 1 minute.
  • Quit.

Try it for a few days and see what you notice about yourself!


The EndThe End

Goodbye and Goodluck

The journey to the top takes a thousand steps. A weekly newsletter will have me standing on the peak in twenty years. 🐢Tortoise or 🐰hare...?